Meet Our Team:

The core part of the team:


Mohamed Nasser, M.B.A., Ph.D


Dr. M.Nasser is the founder and president of SmartWORKS Consulting Services. He holds an M.B.A with an international perspective, a Masters and Ph.D in Economics from Florida International University where he has taught economic classes for four years. Dr. M. Nasser serves on the board of PediaVera Pharmaceuticals, a global leader in pediatric care supplements, since 2008. His research and publications have focused on entrepreneurship and more specifically on small firms and start-ups survival. His area of expertise extends to market penetration in emerging markets.

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Dmitriy Krichevskiy, Ph.D


Dr. D. Krichevskiy is currently a Professor Associate at Elizabethtown College and has previously taught at Florida international University. He holds a Ph.D in Economics focusing on entrepreneurship from F.I.U. and a B.A in Economics with a minor in Mathematics. He has extensive research experience in the field of entrepreneurship and has received many awards for his research. 

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Veysel Avsar, Ph.D


Dr. Veysel Avsar is currently an Assistant Professor of Economics at Antalya International University, Antalya, Turkey. Dr. Avsar specializes in International Trade and his research have been noticed in the world of economics. Dr Avsar has successfully published many articles economic Journals. In this global economy, it is important to have an expert in International trade in our team.

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